Where sex industry workers find healing and porn addicts find hope.

We care for people affected by all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

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Professional therapeutic support for mental wellbeing via telehealth, anywhere in Australia.

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Trafficking or Forced Sex

Help for victims of the crime of being forced, bought or sold, controlled or exploited for sex.

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Partner Forces Sex

Support for women being forced to have sex by a boyfriend, partner or spouse.

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Sex and Porn Addiction

Support, counselling and program for women and men not in control of their use of sex or pornography.

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Refer somebody else to Pink Cross if they need help – a friend, co-worker or someone else you know.

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Information about safe houses for victims who are at risk of danger, abuse or homelessness.

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Pink Cross Fights Against
Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Today, countless women and men are victims of trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery or are exploited by the sex industry.

With your support, we can work together to educate and inform those traumatised by these experiences, and offer alternatives to the adult entertainment industry.

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Let Our Stories be Heard

Portrait of author Rose Hunter

It’s been a long journey to get to this point, and I see it as a process rather than a done deal, and I am always learning new things and having new insights. One thing for sure though, for me I had to stop the eating disorder, and the alcoholism and pill addiction that I developed later on.

Read Rose’s Story

I ‘worked’ in prostitution on and off for a number of years between the ages of 22 and 29 years. After leaving this life I got married and had children, and although my life moved on in many ways, my past still impacted upon me.

Read Destiny’s Story

There have been so many courageous posts on Facebook by women in support of the #metoo campaign that I feel inspired to tell my story, daunting though this may be.

Read Diane’s Story

I was raised in a strict Orthodox church. My father was abusive. I only have patchy memories of the sexual abuse – I was just a little girl; I can’t even remember what age. He psychologically abused me and once slapped me across the face.

Read Jesse’s Story

I was a receptionist at a ‘high class’ brothel in Melbourne, Australia, for two years. My job title was ‘receptionist’. I had a brothel manager’s licence.

Read Jacqueline’s Story

I found out about Pink Cross Australia in 2013 through their Facebook Page and immediately called the number on the page, asking for help. I had a long chat with Geneviève.

Read Michaela’s Story

In 2013 Geneviève was invited to speak at a women’s prison and I happened to hear her story. My desperation, depression and a difficult mental illness led me to try to commit suicide and I was charged with something tragic relating to this.

Read Arpina’s Story

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Property Manager

Pink Cross is urgently seeking a Melbourne based Property Manager to help us source a new office space.

Management Committee Members

We are currently seeking new board members across a variety of roles including Treasurer, Secretary, General Board Member, Psychology, Counselling, Communications and Community Organisations.

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