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Michaela’s Story

[Photograph not of named individual]

I found out about Pink Cross Australia in 2013 through their Facebook Page and immediately called the number on the page, asking for help. I had a long chat with Geneviève and she prayed for me. Together we decided on a plan to improve my life and she got me in touch with peer organisations in my region. So far, I have benefited from training on how to rewrite my resumé, I had one on one career advice, was given a few sets of wonderful clothing to attend interviews and have also met christian counsellors and volunteers who give me the strength I need to get out of the troubles I got in. The contact with the Free Debt management agency that Pink Cross provided to me is going to put me on track and get me out of debt so I can carry on with a mainstream job without fear of losing everything. Geneviève and I were in touch almost every week for an hour chat, and she still calls me to check up on me. Each time she asked what was it I needed prayer for and this lifted my spirit so much. Thank you Pink Cross Australia for changing my life! Michaela, 30.