Arpina’s Story

A woman looking into the camera in greyscale
Photograph not of named individual. Photograph ©: Sijmon Heitmeijer

In 2013 Geneviève was invited to speak at a women’s prison and I happened to hear her story. My desperation, depression and a difficult mental illness led me to try to commit suicide and I was charged with something tragic relating to this. I never thought that I would end up in prison. 

I had a good education and started going to university. I was very lonely though as I had come to Melbourne to study from overseas by myself. When I got into drugs and the party scene I became delusional; starting to do high class escorting work didn’t help at all either. I never told anyone I was an independent sex worker, feeding my ice habit with the money from it. I also come from a poor, broken family. My mother worked really hard to get me to study, so I really wanted to make her proud. It was a relief to hear that Genevieve went through this as well and is now willing to share her story of hope with others. No one talks about this in our society! 

Now that Geneviève writes to me regularly and visits me in this very scary and wild world of incarceration, I have a renewed hope that things will only get better because God and the Pink Cross Team are there for me. I’ll do all it takes to lead a normal life and overcome my problems. Thank you Pink Cross Australia for allowing Geneviève to have touched my heart so much! Arpina, 22.

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