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Read the inspiring stories of women who escaped commercial sexual exploitation through incredible strength and courage.

Jesse's Story

I was raised in a strict Orthodox church. My father was abusive. I only have patchy memories of the sexual abuse – I was just a little girl; I can’t even remember what age. He psychologically abused me and once slapped me across the face.

Destiny's Story

I ‘worked’ in prostitution on and off for a number of years between the ages of 22 and 29 years. After leaving this life I got married and had children, and although my life moved on in many ways, my past still impacted upon me.

Jacqueline's Story

I was a receptionist at a ‘high class’ brothel in Melbourne, Australia, for two years. My job title was ‘receptionist’. I had a brothel manager’s licence.

Diane's Story

There have been so many courageous posts [on Facebook by women in support of the #metoo campaign that I feel inspired to tell my story, daunting though this may be.

Michaela's Story

I found out about Pink Cross Australia in 2013 through their Facebook Page and immediately called the number on the page, asking for help. I had a long chat with Geneviève.

Arpina's Story

In 2013 Geneviève was invited to speak at a women’s prison and I happened to hear her story. My desperation, depression and a difficult mental illness led me to try to commit suicide and I was charged with something tragic relating to this.