Destiny’s Story

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I ‘worked’ in prostitution on and off for a number of years between the ages of 22 and 29 years. After leaving this life I got married and had children, and although my life moved on in many ways, my past still impacted upon me. As part of my healing I began to search for other women who shared my past. I came across Geneviève and Pink Cross Australia online in 2011 and I got in touch with her. 

It was extremely helpful to be able to connect with Genevieve. Her openness about her experience helped know she understood the complexity of my past, and would not judge me. She had written her story to share with others and this brave and generous offering inspired me to write my own story, as part of my healing. 

Recently I shared with Geneviève about a difficult situation involving my children, who were too young to hear about my sex work from my vengeful ex husband. Geneviève prayed for me and gave me support to get through this situation. I am very grateful to her for the work she does in supporting women like myself. The stigma of this life can leave us feeling guilty, shamed and alone and having someone to talk to has made a real difference in my life.

She even posted me a Gift Pack; it was better than a birthday present! My kids loved what she posted for them!

Destiny, 44

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