“Buying Her” Movie Screening

Come join us at the Melbourne screening of Buying Her. Your presence at this event is a step towards understanding and combating s*x trafficking. Let’s unite for change! Purchase your tickets at Bring your friends! Men who purchase sx are the root of sx trafficking. Buying Her tackles this critical injustice as the first … Read more

Pink Cross Foundation Australia Submission to the Federal Enquiry into Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence Australia

Pink Cross Foundation Australia Submission to the Federal Enquiry into Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Australia from Pink Cross Australia Ltd. on Vimeo. Transcript – Media Release Pink Cross is calling for National Administration of Prostitution with The Australian Equality Bill #AusEqualityBill2021 This video was produced in response to the Federal Inquiry into family, domestic and … Read more

Jesse’s Appeal

TRAFFICKED AT 17: JESSE’S STORY Can you help Pink Cross raise $9000 to help a woman live free from prostitution? At 17, Jesse ran away from an abusive home. She was quickly preyed upon by a young man who pimped her out and took all of her money. Jesse managed to leave him, but – young … Read more

Donor Story – Lionel Lim and Family

Major Donors Lionel and Danielle have been financially contributing to the work of Pink Cross Foundation Australia since 2014 in the form of monthly donations. Their support has been invaluable in assisting the work of Pink Cross. 1. What are your top three charitable interests? We support our local church food bank (Victoria, Australia) which … Read more

Volunteer Letter – Chris

Our wonderful volunteer of 5 years, Chris Hunt, has written about his life, his empathy for the disadvantaged, and how volunteering fulfills him after his retirement. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to tell his story.  I first came into contact with the work of Pink Cross in 2013 when CEO Genevieve Gilbert was speaking … Read more

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