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NOTE: Jesse’s fundraising campaign is now closed, but we welcome donations for similar projects to support at-risk women. Thank you for your support!

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Can you help Pink Cross raise $9000 to help a woman live free from prostitution?

At 17, Jesse ran away from an abusive home. She was quickly preyed upon by a young man who pimped her out and took all of her money. Jesse managed to leave him, but – young and alone – she began engaging in street prostitution in St Kilda, near Melbourne, in order to survive.

At 18, she began prostituting in a legal brothel. During her 8 years in legal brothels of South Melbourne, Jesse developed mental health issues and a drug-related addiction.

Jesse was referred to Pink Cross in 2014. Pink Cross assisted Jesse in decreasing her living expenses by helping her move from an expensive South Yarra apartment to JEM House, a woman-only share-house in Doncaster.

Through our caring networks, Jesse has developed friendships and support outside of the sex industry. She was baptised on the 22nd of May, 2016. Now, at 29, she has renewed hope for her future and wants to turn her life around. However, she needs ♥ YOUR ♥ help!

As JEM House has since closed down, Jesse is forced to live in precarious, unsafe accommodation. She has no family support and struggles financially. 

Pink Cross would like to send Jesse to our new partner organisation, Alabaster Community. Located in Perth, Western Australia, Alabaster Community is a Christian residential rehabilitation home and restoration ministry for women exiting the sex industry.

They provide a safe, residential environment where women who wish to leave the sex industry can live, heal, grow, and achieve their goal of living a life free from ‘sex work’, addiction, and brokenness.

We have now completed Jesse’s lengthy application and need ♥ your financial help ♥ for the next steps!

Help us deliver this amazing opportunity to Jesse!
$9000 needed

Pink Cross depends on partners like you in order to fund our mission.

We need ♥ your help ♥ to support Jesse through her transition to Western Australia. We have and will continue to provide intensive case management to arrange her stay and support her on her journey to Alabaster Community. For this we will need to employ a qualified social worker.

We work tirelessly (and still voluntarily) for each individual we support because we want Jesse, and other women like her, to find safety and heal from their trauma.

Our aim is for these women to start afresh so they may live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. Read our Mission and Vision!

Can you take $20 out of your monthly budget? $360 to cover her flight? We will gratefully accept any and all donations.

Any assistance you provide will allow Pink Cross to help a vulnerable young woman access the support she needs to heal.

How will your generous donation be used?

Below is a summary of expenses involved in supporting Jesse in her journey to Alabaster so you can know just how your donation will help this beautiful young woman:

It would be truly appreciated if you could share Jesse’s story widely, even if you cannot donate yourself! This will help us ensure we can provide Jesse with the assistance she needs as quickly as possible. If your way to help is to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign, go ahead!

Please share her story on social media using the links throughout this website.

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