Married to a Violent Christian Man?

It is a sad reality that family violence is rife across our nation. It does not discriminate based on race or faith, and it can leave serious and long term effects on survivors — both mentally and physically. Fortunately, sex trade and family violence survivor Barbara Roberts has established an amazing resource called ‘A Cry For … Read more

Do you Struggle with Suicidal or Dark Thoughts? Author Jas Rawlinson Wants to Change that!

Well regarded for her ethical and empathetic journalism when broaching sensitive topics, Jas Rawlinson is a Brisbane-based author, freelance journalist and mental health advocate who is passionate about changing her community through the power of words. A strong activist for social justice, Jas was one of Pink Cross’s first supporters. In 2013 she lovingly crafted … Read more

5 Signs You May Be In A Toxic Relationship

1) You are not afforded the opportunity to look after yourselfFor any relationship to prosper both parties need to first look after themselves. If you are in a relationship where you are not afforded the time or opportunity to care for yourself this may be a sign of a potentially toxic relationship.  2) Your partner is … Read more

Maximise your well-being with these 5 simple steps

1. Schedule a relaxing activity into your daily routine to escape the demands of life, even if just for a few minutes – walking, reading, etc. 2. Aim for a quality night’s sleep – if you struggle to sleep try relaxation techniques- deep breathing, guided visualisation etc. 3. Maintain your friendships- keep in contact with those your care … Read more

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