“Buying Her” Movie Screening

Come join us at the Melbourne screening of Buying Her. Your presence at this event is a step towards understanding and combating s*x trafficking. Let’s unite for change! Purchase your tickets at Bring your friends! Men who purchase sx are the root of sx trafficking. Buying Her tackles this critical injustice as the first … Read more

Married to a Violent Christian Man?

It is a sad reality that family violence is rife across our nation. It does not discriminate based on race or faith, and it can leave serious and long term effects on survivors — both mentally and physically. Fortunately, sex trade and family violence survivor Barbara Roberts has established an amazing resource called ‘A Cry For … Read more

Do you Struggle with Suicidal or Dark Thoughts? Author Jas Rawlinson Wants to Change that!

Well regarded for her ethical and empathetic journalism when broaching sensitive topics, Jas Rawlinson is a Brisbane-based author, freelance journalist and mental health advocate who is passionate about changing her community through the power of words. A strong activist for social justice, Jas was one of Pink Cross’s first supporters. In 2013 she lovingly crafted … Read more

Rose Hunter: A Beautiful Sober Life

Portrait of author Rose Hunter

Interview Interview by Geneviève Gilbert @Pink Cross Foundation Australia — Melbourne, August 2022. According to Good Therapy®, those experiencing posttraumatic stress have […] reported improved mental and emotional well-being as a result of poetry therapy. Some individuals who have survived trauma or abuse may have difficulty processing the experience cognitively and, as a result, suppress associated memories and emotions. … Read more

R & D Think Tank! Pink Cross Trauma Recovery Research Centre

Launching our R & D Think Tank Center Introduction Before the Internet became more common place in the 1990’s, sexual violence occurred, and recovery from it was studied and applied. Today in 2021, on-screen sexual violence is easily accessible. People involved in filming this content are suffering, and people viewing it are negatively impacted by … Read more

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