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From time to time, we host a range of different events such as presentations, art projects, social groups, and training sessions. 

Due to our limited resources, we are not always able to keep our website fully up to date. 

Keep up to date with all current and upcoming events on our Facebook page.

Pink Cross is calling for National Administration of Prostitution with the Australian Equality Bill 2021. On June 4, 2020, a Federal Inquiry into Family, Domestic and Sexual violence was adopted.
Do you want to learn about how to effectively outreach to people in the sex industry? Pink Cross is excited to announce we are running a half-day Brothel Outreach Training next month.  
Pink Cross has been caught in an ambush by pro- sex trade lobbyists, at the Australian Summit against Sexual Exploitation.  
THE WORLD’S OLDEST OPPRESSION – Sex Trade Abuse Conference will be held in April.  Hear from survivors around the world including abolitionist activists Rachel Moran and Julie Bindel.
In 2014 S*xpo cancelled their Melbourne event as they feared they would not have enough number in attendance.  It was a relief to me, as we operate with such limited resources.