“Buying Her” Movie Screening

Come join us at the Melbourne screening of Buying Her.

Your presence at this event is a step towards understanding and combating s*x trafficking.

Let’s unite for change! Purchase your tickets at Bring your friends!

Men who purchase sx are the root of sx trafficking. Buying Her tackles this critical injustice as the first documentary ever to explore the lives of sx buyers and what drives them. Through raw firsthand accounts from both sx buyers and trafficking survivors, the film lays bare the men’s journeys from childhood exposure to pornography, to becoming hardened predators, to what ultimately turned their lives around. Their heart-wrenching stories provide a beacon of hope for the restoration of broken and hurting men, the accountability of perpetrators, and the ending of s*x trafficking.

Buying Her is screening around Australia and New Zealand:

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The Melbourne screening will be followed by a panel discussion with key leaders in the field of anti-trafficking work, including our Founder and survivor-leader, Geneviève Gilbert. After the panel, we’ll gather for a time of networking and connection (location TBD).

Ally-Marie, Founder and Director of Wahine Toa Rising, is a survivor-leader who will also sit on other post-movie panel discussions in Australia, and New Zealand.

We can’t wait to see you at one of the screenings!

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