Married to a Violent Christian Man?

It is a sad reality that family violence is rife across our nation. It does not discriminate based on race or faith, and it can leave serious and long term effects on survivors — both mentally and physically. Fortunately, sex trade and family violence survivor Barbara Roberts has established an amazing resource called ‘A Cry For Justice’.

This resource provides a safe environment in which survivors of family violence are believed and supported. It is also a place where people can further educate themselves about common ‘red flags’ and tactics used by abusers, as well as the truth on what scripture really has to say about abuse, marriage, and divorce.

A Cry for Justice highlights that God doesn’t hate the legal process of divorce; God hates the sins of adultery and emotional neglect that cause marriages to breakdown. This is an amazing and informative resource! Pink Cross highly recommends it to all our supporters!

See  ‘What is Abuse & What is the Christian Response?’ by Barbara Roberts.

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