Treasurer of Committee of Management


The Treasurer’s role is the most important function on the Board, after that of the President.


Financial accountability is of the utmost importance to non-profits. If funders lose faith in our ability to control and account for finances, they lose faith in the whole organisation! In addition to being a critical role  for Pink Cross Foundation Australia, the Treasurer’s role can be challenging because of its technical nature.


The Treasurer takes primary responsibility for finances, and educates Board members about what the finances mean. The Treasurer makes decisions with the President and together they ensure full financial transparency of all activities. Leading the Board is an important task the Treasurer must perform. Since the Treasurer is ultimately responsible for finances, the Treasurer should keep neat and accurate records and pay attention to detail. They should be available so as to handle transactions on a timely basis and should not be afraid to ask questions. They will also act in a senior position to the ‘understudy’ Treasurer who will be learning from you. 

To apply, email your resume to: Please include a short letter of presentation noting your specialist field and what we would both (you, and Pink Cross) gain from your appointment as a Committee of Management member. 

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