Management Committee

Needed: Specialist Organisational Angels

We are seeking General Members with strong organisational management skills and specialist skills in any of the following areas:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Psychology
  • Policy

… to help bring a message of HOPE, GRACE, and JOY. We are also seeking ‘understudies’ for Vice President,  Treasurer and Secretary. This involves attending meetings and observing/learning from the person in the role so that you may take over if they are unavailable. The understudy role would be perfect for someone younger looking to build their professional experience.

All Committee of Management members are involved on a pro bono basis. 

Read details for Chair and understudy Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary by clicking the links above.

What We Do

Connecting : Supporting : Educating

We connect with and support women and men transitioning out of the sex industry, including those who are trafficked. We also connect with and provide information to sex buyers and porn viewers on the harm their habit can do to themselves and others. We believe in a Nordic Model legislative approach to the prostitution system.

Time Commitment

10 hours per month (includes Committee of Management preparation, research, learning/education, committee and meeting time).

Committee of Management meetings are held 4-5 times a year. These take place on weekends in Melbourne CBD, Victoria (or 20km max from this area) and lasts 3-4 hours, including lunch. It is possible to have you on the Committee of Management even if you reside interstate; you will need to pay for your own travel to meetings. Video conferencing is also possible at times.

Serving on a Committee of Management is an investment in volunteering for public benevolence purposes. Our specialist organisationnal angels will ideally serve as long as they feel led to. Attendance at AGM’s in November each year is compulsory

Personal Qualities

You will be a person of outstanding personal integrity with a passion for good governance, social justice and the rights of safety and healing for prostituted people.

You will have a good understanding that Pink Cross is bound by government regulations regarding charitable organisations.

Any Committee of Management member must have an understanding of Pink Cross as a rather small and young organisation, volunteer-driven and seeking to grow in its work and capacity.

These qualities will be paired with beliefs in harm minimisation from pornography viewing habits and educated compassion for prostituted people. Also strongly advisable is an understanding of trauma, violence and radical feminist theories (‘radical’ as in a form of feminism seeking to understand the root of oppression).

In your professional life you may be outstanding in your field of expertise, but called to make a difference in a dark place, where few go and show the care and unconditional love to those enslaved by this lifestyle.

You will be strongly encouraged to assist with the recruitment process to take over your role on the occasion that you resign. This must be done in writing for archival purposes. In all circumstances in person communication with your President is preferred prior to any decision being made.

How to apply

1. Email your resume to: info[@] addressed to Geneviève Gilbert, President.
 2. Please include a short letter of presentation noting your specialist field and what we would both (you, and Pink Cross) gain from your appointment as a Committee of Management member.

Thank you for your interest in our organisation. Pink Cross would love to have you join our Committee!

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