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Pink Cross Foundation Australia is an organisation founded by a survivor of prostitution, Geneviève Gilbert. Its main objectives is to equip prostituted people and those who have transitionned out to achieve their life-goals. Pink Cross also offers support and strategies to help overcome sexual or pornography addiction.

We offer direct support services to those who wish to leave prostitution behind. We are connected with free debt management and legal services, housing services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, counsellors, family violence and work readiness services as well as many compassionate, non-judgemental volunteers who can help those insolated because of prostitution—through social activities— create themselves new, supportive communities.

Direct support services are also offered to those struggling with pornography and sexual addictions.

Are you currently or formerly involved in sex worker, prostitution, escorting or stripping? Are you a consumer of porn or sex services? We care for you! Get help transitioning out, break free from your porn habit.

Pink Cross Foundation Australia is a privately funded, not-for-profit organisation with no government funding, relying on the generosity of invidviduals who believe in our cause.

✚ Emotional and psychological support

✚ Legal
✚ Counselling
✚ Life Coaching
✚ Housing
✚ Financial management
✚ Work readiness
✚ One on one mentoring and community connections.


✚ Speaking engagements
✚ Events
✚ Publications and educational videos
✚ Repair Circles and Repair Programs
✚ Awareness raising tools and training for organisations (schools, churches, corporate).

LOBBYING AND ADVOCATING : Nordic Model : rehabilitating those who buy, decriminalising those prostituting.

In order to attain a nation-wide, gender equal society, we lobby and fight the industry health and safety legislation. As there are numerous secondary negative effects on the general public in the prostitution exchange, our desire is to also see tougher protection against children's easy access to online pornography, education about the harms of sexting, and overall for everyone to learn about what constitutes healthy human relationships, devoid of the commodification of bodies.

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*Warning*: This web site contains large doses of truth about the sex industry for purposes of education. If you are 17 years of age or under please ask your parents for permission to view this web site, although statistics show the largest group for viewing online pornography are ages ranging from 12 to 17 years old.

Because of the huge epidemic of suicides, deaths, post traumatic stress disorders as well as illegal drug use and violence towards adult industry workers, Geneviève Gilbert founded Pink Cross in 2010 and incorporated the Australian charity in August 2013.