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This is a part-time role for 8-16 hours a week based on the SCHCDS award rate.

PAs should be capable of competently dealing with situations in their boss’s absence and should be confident enough to delegate work on their boss's behalf. Maintaining confidentiality is a fundamental requirement for any PA. 

PAs should also keep abreast of organisational issues and have a general understanding of the organisation's aims and objectives. Above all, a PA's role is to support her/his boss in delivering on his/her goals.

The Personal Assistant title and the Executive Assistant title are sometimes used interchangeably. Generally speaking, in addition to the above duties and attributes, the Executive Assistant role also commands a good grasp of operations and business practices; a solid understanding of the company's goals and strategies, and good project management skills.


Pink Cross Foundation PA duties may vary from day to day. They may include: 

—Editing, proofreading and assisting Executive Director with writing key documents (for example quarterly CEO reports, annual report, reports for submissions to charities and governmental organisations, grant and other applications, advertisements, articles, & publicity materials)

—Research and collating of specific information : eligibility to grants, potential sources of income, benefactors, workplace processes;

—Setting up administrative systems for Executive Director for faster workflow

—Updating Pink Cross website and social media: Fb Page, Fb groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr with key updates, announcements and motivational images/quotes/verses.

—Cross-posting on Social media, if necessary. Please note time spend posting on social media, apart from urgent needs to Pink Cross, falls outside the hours allocated to this role (becomes voluntary)

—Helping ED produce material to populate the website: sourcing free images to go with text (pixabay, etc. Always quote source); write texts and get it copyrighted. Needs to be of highly professional standards;

—Help write PD for role vacancies (board, future staff and contractors);

— Place advertisements for vacancies on free and paid sites. Maintain an up-to-date list of advertising websites and groups and seek for more relevant portals to use for this purpose;

— Help research and develop processes for screening volunteers;

— Help develop volunteer and worker code of conduct/ethics;

— Assist with developing memorandum of understanding with other key organisations we partner with;

— Put together our client's case notes on Pink Cross documents;

— Contact various individuals on behalf of Executive Director;

— Support in finding opportunities, key volunteers or contractors;

— Promoting Pink Cross Foundation Australia in all they do;

— Representing Pink Cross; speaking highly of and honoring our work;

— Database entry and updates for newsletter subscribers in Excel format (.csv) and with Ynab (You need a budget).

— Ensuring that Databases and all private documents are backed up securely.

— Recruiting of volunteers to complete jobs that PA cannot complete in her role's allocated time.

— Any other task that the person is able to accomplish to complement and support the Executive Director's tasks.


Other tasks may include: 

- preparing correspondence on your boss's behalf,

- delegating work in your boss's absence,

- liaising with staff, clients, etc.,

- managing your boss's diary,

- organising meetings, taking minutes/action points at meetings

- attending meetings on your boss's behalf

- writing minutes,

- taking dictation,

- planning, organising and managing events,

- managing a budget,

- attending events/meetings as your boss's representative,

- writing reports, executive summaries, newsletters,

- preparing papers for meetings,

- managing and reviewing filing and office systems,

- preparing updates for intranet,

- managing projects.

The role may require from you to work from home from time to time, especially for researching and writing submissions or documents. The primary requirement is to be present at the office.

The best days of the week to work are Tuesday and Thursday, beginning May 2018.


How To Apply

To apply, email your resume to: info at addressed to Geneviève Gilbert, President. Please include a short cover letter outlining why you would be suitable for this role. You must be willing to undergo a National Police Check if offered the role. 

Deadline: 14/06/2018