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Ysabel's story

I never thought that God would reach out to me in a brothel through another worker, but He did. At the time I was an atheist and my life was a total mess. I was in real need for any help I could find, anywhere. Geneviève stayed in touch with me after she left the sex industry, and catching up for coffee was really cool. After meeting with many friends of hers, I got introduced to the Christian faith and was very skeptical. I told them I did not think it was for me at all! But their kindness, patience, amazing love and friendship showed me that surely, there was something different about them: later I realised that they were just like Jesus! 

I became an instant believer at one of the reunions at church and since then have been on fire for God. I have done all the Christian courses I could at church and enrolled at Bible College. I have been healed from many ailments through the power of prayer and I am now married to a beautiful Christian man. I alway had rocky relationships but this one is full of generous grace, divine favor and open communication. We have a common desire to serve God wherever he sends us. Lately, the Holy Spirit spoke to us to become missionaries. The work Genevieve does with Pink Cross is remarkable: I am the proof that just like the way she lifted me up, God's redemption is possible through faith in His power. I hope to continue to plant seeds in people's hearts the same way Geneviève did with me and let God do the rest. Life is good! Ysabel, 26.


[Photograph not of named individual.]