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Pink Cross Well-Being Series 

We are introducing our well-being series of articles. If you would like to be involved as a volunteer and prepare health related communications send us an email at 'info at' We would love to have you onboard for these crucial, life enhancing tips and strategies. Life is good!


How to use mindfulness to get you through those long work days 




1. Begin the day with a positive message— before you start the day choose a positive, quote, or saying and repeat it to yourself throughout the day. If you are of the Christian faith, begin your day with scripture, focus on God and allow the scripture to fill your spirit. 

Consider what your day has in store and choose a saying or piece of scripture that will be the most beneficial to you, for example, do you have a big presentation? How about "Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing", T. Roosevelt; or if it is a stressful day and calmness is needed "Be still and know that I am God", Psalms 46:10. 

2. Prioritise your breathing — Whilst this may seem simple it is hard to overlook the benefits of controlling your breathing particularly when it comes to elevating stress. Simply slowing down your breathing puts you in a calm state.

You can also try the 3,3,3 breathing technique of breathing through your nose for 3 seconds, holding the breath for 3 seconds then exhaling through your mouth for 3 seconds and feel the calmness. 

3. Utilise your lunch break —  It can be tempting to work through your lunch break, particularly if its a busy day but there are so many benefits to be achieved by stepping away from your desk.

Distancing yourself from your work by simply taking a walk or going out to eat can increase your concentration as well as your mental strength and make the afternoon much easier to get through. Using this time to pause, and be thankful can also be highly beneficial to your day. If you have faith in God a prayer of thanks can help yourself re-centre, if not a self reflection on the positives in life and the need to be grateful can reestablish an equilibrium and make sure you end the day in a productive manner.

Above: Adapted from Forbes  "How to Practice Mindfulness at work" find HERE.  And insights from Assistant Minister Michelle at St Lukes Anglican Church
Above: Photo Credit ©:RawPixel
Written by: Stephanie Dickson
First Published: August 2018 Enewsletter 

Maximise your well-being with these 5 simple steps

1. Schedule a relaxing activity into your daily routine to escape the demands of life, even if just for a few minutes – walking, reading, etc.

2. Aim for a quality night’s sleep – if you struggle to sleep try relaxation techniques- deep breathing, guided visualisation etc.

3. Maintain your friendships- keep in contact with those your care about and arrange to undertake activities together that you all enjoy

4. Eat a balanced diet.

5. Be kind to yourself- show yourself compassion through the tough time and don’t forget to celebrate those little victories


Above: Adapted from Headspace’s 10 self-care tips for maximising your wellbeing, find HERE
Above: Photo Credit ©:Ziva Trajbaric
Written by: Stephanie Dickson
First Published: July 2018 Enewsletter