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Secretary of Committee of Management


Prepare and maintain Pink Cross Foundation Australia official documents.

REQUIREMENTS Act as any secretary would for a "supervisor" (in this case, the Board)

MAIN DUTIES Record minutes of all Board meetings as well as minutes of any committees to which the Secretary is assigned, making sure all actions are duly noted -Keep a record of all policies approved by the Board in the Pink Cross policy manual -Maintain and monitor calendar of important dates such as grant filing dates, audit dates, etc. -Maintain records of any staff person including contracts, benefits, evaluations, etc. - Keep all records of Pink Cross in a safe place - Dispose of old documents only with the approval of the Board. Make sure all files are in good order for the next Board Secretary. - Act in a senior position to the ‘understudy’ Secretary who will be learning from you.

The meeting minutes should be used for: recording decisions, giving insight into why decisions were made, letting those who were not present familiarize themselves with what went on. For all of this, it is not necessary to: record everything, attach a speaker's name to everything that is said, list every reason for and against a decision.