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Film editor needed

Uplift your career, invigorate our cause!

 Photo(c): 'Downtown L.A. Resurrection'(2008). Geneviève Gilbert

Photo(c): 'Downtown L.A. Resurrection'(2008). Geneviève Gilbert 

 Are you a budding filmmaker wanting experience? Equipped with editing software and with time on your hands? Position now available for a short term role, 2-8hrs of work to be completed by 1 March 2018. Long term pilot project to be discussed. Apply now! 


1. Write a one page presentation of yourself and why we would both (Pink Cross and yourself) benefit from your appointment in this role.
2. Email this with your résumé to Geneviève, Executive Director on info at
3. Deadline: 1 March 2018, preferably as soon as you read this.


Our current need is for someone to do short clips editing but can expand to a broader role producing media for us. We look forward to hear from you! 


Love from the Pink Cross Team