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If you would like Pink Cross Australia founder and sex industry survivor Geneviève Gilbert to speak at your event, please email info at to make arrangements. 



We're speaking at your event! 
   — 18 May 2019, Glen Eira Town Hall, Caulfield, Victoria. Human Trafficking Awareness Seminar. Guest Speaker Detective Acting Superintendent Sargeant Bevan Mahohey and Melbourne-based trafficking survivor Venesa. Faciliated by Geneviève Gilbert. Places limited. No booking, no entry!




19 August 2018, St Paul's Anglican Church, Caulfield North, Victoria.

3 March 2018: Salt and Light Conference, CCCVat.  Workshop and breakout sessions presentations.

19th April 2017: 'The work of Pink Cross' 

Presentation at St-Luke's Anglican Church, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

1st July 2016: 'From trauma to healing'

Keynote presentation for Winter Solace at Violet Town Community Centre, Victoria, Australia.

19th June 2016: My story.

St Andrew's Presbytarian Church, Clayton, Victoria, Australia.

10th April 2016: 'The future looks bright with you'

Book launch for Prostitution Narratives: stories of survival in the sex trade. Caroline Norma and Melinda Tankard Reist (eds.). Spinifex Press, Mebourne, Victoria.

10th April 2016: 'Lobbying and consciousness raising for survivors'

Panel at The World's Oldest Oppression Conference with Kathy Chambers, Peter Abetz and Caitlyn Roper, Mebourne, Australia.

9th April 2016: Panel 'Survivors speak on the harms of sex trade abuse'

Panel at The World's Oldest Oppression Conference with survivours Simone Watson and Sabrinna Valisce, Mebourne, Australia.

15th March 2016: 'Presenting Pink Cross Foundation Australia Ltd.'

Talk at Australian Family Association's Annual General Meeting, Balwyn, Victoria, Australia.

3rd & 19th October 2015: 'My story'

Presented at Clayton Church of Christ and Educated Compassion Workshop hosted by Pink Cross Australia, Melbourne, Australia.

26th May 2015: 'How Sheila's writings influenced my thinking'.

Presentation at forum on radical feminism and the writings of Sheila Jeffreys. Hosted by the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

15th May 2015: 'Imprisoned by porn addictsKeep our kids porn free!'

Panel presented by Family Voice Australia at Oakleigh Baptist Church with Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins MP (Victoria), Miranda Suit and Pippa Smith, Melbourne, Australia.

1st June 2014: 'What is Pink Cross Foundation?'

Presentation at St Luke's Anglican Church, Melbourne, Australia.

10th May 2014: 'My story

Presentation at Christians Against Poverty's annual fundraising dinner. Melbourne, Australia.

6th April 2014: 'What is Pink Cross Foundation?

Presentation at St Barnabas Church, Sydney, Australia.

September 2013: 'My story of redemption'.

Presentation at Crossway Moreland, Melbourne, Australia. 



29th October 2017: 'A journey out of prostitution, part II'.  

Focus on the Family radio interview with Pink Cross founder Geneviève Gilbert, CEO Brett Ryan, and counsellor Zoe Broomhead.

 9th November 2015: Interview with Eliza Berlage.

Radio interview on Infinite X (formerly Double X). Also features Janelle Fawlkes, Fiona Patten, and Lucie Bee.

1st March 2015: 'The queen's courage' by Guy Mason.

Mention of Geneviève Gilbert and Pink Cross. City on a Hill Church, Melbourne, Australia.

4th October 2013: Geneviève Gilbert-Quach from Pink Cross Foundation'

Radio interview on Light FM. Melbourne, Australia.

3rd July 2013: 'ABC Radio Interview'

Interview with Rafael Epstein on The Drive. Also features Dr. Caroline Norma.

7th May 2013: 1377 MyMP, 10 am interview by Glenn Ridge.

20th June 2013:  'Geneviève Gilbert on The Political Spot talking about life as a prostitute'

Interview by Katherine Spakman, Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

9th May 2013, 3AW 693 AM News Talk, interview by Tom Eliot, 3.45pm, on Drive.



30 Oct 2016 TASA. Tyler, Meagan, RMIT, Where do survivors fit in the Australians sex industry research? TASA: The Australian Sociological Association

10 March 2013, A story of Redemption. Interview with Jasmine Swilks. Also Mandarin translation.

17 September 2015, Ex porn star Geneviève Gilbert-Quach story. Lubben, Shelley from




23 May 2018, Chung, Frank. Sydney student joins controversial ‘virgin auction’ website as founder claims Aussie pollies interested.

28 April 2016. Jensen, Michael. With prostitution, when is consent not consent? Opinion by Dr. M. Jensen, The Drum, ABC online.

October 2015, Eternity. My journey out of prostitution. Opinion, by Geneviève Gilbert, pp.15-16.

25 February 2015, Aubrey, Sophie. Mx, Nude Maids. Cleaning up in the buff could be risky, article by S. Aubrey.

2 Sept 2014, Aubrey, Sophie. No to another brothel licence in Monash. Waverley Leader, article by S. Aubrey.

7 May 2013, Healey, Madeleine. Former sex worker starts charity to help women escape industry. Interview by M. Healey, Preston Leader.

10 July 2013, Take 5, Issue 28. Kowanjko, Sonja. I was making a fortune — What would mum say?  Interview by S. Kowanjko.

2012, The Little Pink Book by Weaver Media. A gay resource for the Gay Community.

2011, The Little Pink Book by Weaver Media. A gay resource for the Gay Community.


18 March 2014, The Project, Network Ten Australia.

21 March 2014, Channel 31, Season 11: Tough Times Never Last. Interview by Michael Kuzilny.

13 August 2014, Channel 31, Season 12: Tough Times Never Last. Interview by Michael Kuzilny.


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