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We will bring you home in your struggle with sex addiction. You are not alone. 

You may be struggling with sexual addiction if you:

  • Frequently engage in more sex and with more partners than intended
  • Are preoccupied with or or persistently crave sex; perhaps to the detriment of other activities
  • Attempts to limit your sexual activity are unsuccessful
  • Spend considerable time in activities related to sex, perhaps neglecting other obligations.
  • Continue to engage in sexual behaviour despite negative consequences such as broken relationships or health risks
  • Need to escalate the scope or frequency of your sexual activity to achieve the desired effect
  • Feel irritable when unable to engage with the desired behaviour.[1]


At Pink Cross Australia we:

  • Meet with you (if in Victoria) or speak with you on the phone/via email.
  • Listen to your story and assess your needs.
  • Provide you with resources and referrals, including referrals to relevant services, literature recommendations, and connecting you with an accountability partner. 
  • Provide emotional support like mentoring/coaching
  • Maintain regular phone and email contact
  • Support your progress every step of the way!




Above Photo David's Avatar- Not actual Photo of David
Photo Credit ©: Unsplash

Our Volunteer Online Outreach Worker is here to help. David, an Accredited Social Worker has a wide range of experience in mental health and advocacy gained through a combination of student placements and professional experience, as well as military service. 

He is passionate about working with vulnerable individuals. Through personally overcoming an addiction to sexualised webcam sites, he knows how controlling addictions can be. 

If you are in need of assistance or someone to talk to about addictions, troublesome use of pornography, or the purchasing of sex, feel free to reach out to David through our Facebook page. Alternatively, you may also email him at - 'help at'

Phone: +61 04xxxx —we can't afford a work smart phone. Can you help fund this?

Email: help at

Facebook: @pinkcrossoz

Twitter: @pinkcrossoz

Due to staff and funding limitations we may not be able to reply to your inquiry immediately. We endavour to reply to all communication within 2-10 business days.