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We will bring you home in your struggle with sex addiction. You are not alone. 

You may be struggling with sexual addiction if you:

  • Frequently engage in more sex and with more partners than intended
  • Are preoccupied with or or persistently crave sex; perhaps to the detriment of other activities
  • Attempts to limit your sexual activity are unsuccessful
  • Spend considerable time in activities related to sex, perhaps neglecting other obligations.
  • Continue to engage in sexual behaviour despite negative consequences such as broken relationships or health risks
  • Need to escalate the scope or frequency of your sexual activity to achieve the desired effect
  • Feel irritable when unable to engage with the desired behaviour.[1]


At Pink Cross Australia we:

  • Meet with you (if in Victoria) or speak with you on the phone/via email.
  • Listen to your story and assess your needs.
  • Provide you with resources and referrals, including referrals to relevant services, literature recommendations, and connecting you with an accountability partner. 
  • Provide emotional support like mentoring/coaching
  • Maintain regular phone and email contact
  • Support your progress every step of the way!



Phone: +61 04xxxx —we can't afford a work smart phone. Can you help fund this?

Email: help at

Facebook: @pinkcrossoz

Twitter: @pinkcrossoz

Due to staff and funding limitations we may not be able to reply to your inquiry immediately. We endavour to reply to all communication within 2-10 business days.