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How can we assist? How can we help you?

We exist TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU TRULY NEED so do not hesitate to call, sms or email!

+61 We are withholding our phone number. We need more donations to pay for this expense
help at

Are you in trouble? Call 000 if you are scared or your life is in danger

Need an ear to listen to you? Email us so we can make a phone appointment.

Need a chat to make it more personal? Email us so we can make an appoinment. We'll come to you in a discreet location or at your local café to discuss.

Need to plan for the future? We are connected to amazing people to assess where you are at in life: your budget, your career and your family needs so you can start your recovery now!

Need someone to confide to as a male (or female) because your porn usage has gone out of control? Email us at help at or call us and we'll connect you with a trustworthy person who understands what you are going through.

DO NOT FORGET THAT YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WORTHWHILE! We will do anything to walk a positive journey of change alongside you. There are no problems too big or too small to be attended to!

The Pink Cross Foundation Australia Team


If you found this information useful, please consider donating here for our research. We are unfunded and all volunteer-based.

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