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Sign up to volunteer today with Pink Cross Australia!

Welcome to Pink Cross Foundation Australia’s amazing community! This organisation is volunteer-driven. What you know about our programs, events and speaking engagements has been accomplished by a person without a wage. We have numerous volunteer roles and are always looking for additional volunteers to join our program.  See more details on what we do here.

We need:

BROTHEL OUTREACH WARRIORS: Heart-convicted female team member/leader who plans, collect and prepare food/gifts to drive to and connect with women in the legal adult industry in Victoria. Current team operates on Monday. Friday night team needed.
MALE MENTORS: Mature and experienced men who can support and encourage other men (mostly younger) seeking help for transitioning out of prostitution or breaking free from a pornography or sex addiction.
FEMALE MENTORS: Heart-convicted, mature and experienced women who can support and encourage more vulnerable women seeking help transitioning out of prostitution or breaking free from a pornography or sex addiction.
ONLINE MODERATORS (female/male): To communicate with people reaching out to Pink Cross. Moderating our social media platforms, engaging with our audience and bringing ongoing, positive support.
INTERNS: If you are a student and wish to get work experience in community services or other specialist field, get in touch. We offer placements taking place on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.
TRANSLATORS: To help connect with women who don’t speak English. Thai, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian language skills could be particularly useful. We are currently looking to translate a number of documents in those languages.
IMAGE GURUS: People with film skills to help us create video-based content.
ARTISTS AND CURATORS: To help organise exhibitions.
MARKETING AND RESEARCH PROFESSIONALS: To help us spread the word about Pink Cross.
LAYWERS (pro bono): Help women break contracts, seek compensation, address child custody issues, help victims of human trafficking, etc.
COUNSELLORS (pro bono): To offer counselling to those who are experiencing trauma symptoms as a result of the sex industry.
ROOF REPAIR: We are located in an ageing building which needs extensive roof repairs. It is leaking on our documents so we are working in very poor conditions! Can you email info at to come evaluate how much it would cost to fix this ongoing problem.

Let us know more about you by filling in the form below, telling us in which areas you would like to get involved. Thank you!

Pink Cross is looking for a volunteer to assist with research relevant to our programs and our organisation’s aims. This may include researching topical issues to write articles for our e-newsletters, researching push-and-pull factors into sexual exploitation to assist with grant applications, researching warning signs to assist with planning ‘How to Spot Human Trafficking’ sessions, as well as other research which is relevant to the organisation’s tasks.  This position will also include ad hoc copywriting.  The work can be done remotely, or once COVID restrictions end, at our office on either a Tuesday or Wednesday and will require a time commitment of approximately 2 hours a week. 
If you have excellent research and written communication skills, we would love to hear from you.
How to apply:
Please send through a resume and cover letter addressed to Geneviève Gilbert at with the title ‘Research Assistant.’  Please highlight your relevant experience and why you would like to be a part of the Pink Cross team.  

Expression of Interest form: Volunteer for Pink Cross!

Please provide a recent (in the last year) police check. You can complete one here.





Professional Skills



Waiver and Release of Liability

In consideration of being allowed to volunteer my services at the Pink Cross Foundation Australia, I hereby acknowledge that there are certain risks of injury involved, and I knowingly and freely assume all such risks and assume full responsibility for my participation. To the extent allowed by law, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Pink Cross Foundation Australia, its officers, employees, agents, representatives and volunteers, of all liabilities and all loss or damage to person or property which may occur or be incident to my involvement or participation.

Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

I recognise that as a volunteer of Pink Cross Foundation Australia, a Victorian non-profit organisation, I may have access to confidential information concerning Pink Cross Foundation, its clients, customers, agents, employees, volunteers or representatives. In consideration of any volunteer status with Pink Cross Australia, I agree I will not at any time, during or after volunteering for Pink Cross Foundation Australia,, divulge or reveal to any person, firm, or corporation, any information (including, but not limited to, personal or financial information or customer lists), directly or indirectly, which might in any way be used to injure or interfere with the business or ministry of Pink Cross Foundation Australia, or to alienate clients, customers, agents, employees, volunteers or representatives from Pink Cross Foundation Australia or to cause discontent or dissatisfaction among any such persons.