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Become a Board Member

Pink Cross is Recruiting Board Members for a Variety of Roles!

Mental Health Care has changed! Psychology, social science / justice background?  Trauma-informed? Quickbooks accounting mastermind? 
We are looking to grow our management team! Only 5 meetings a year on Saturdays. Apply today! 
Role: Treasurer, Secretary, General Board Member, Psychology, Counselling, Communication
Type: Not-for-profit & Community Organisations
Annual Budget: $10,001 – $25,000
Number of Paid Staff: 1-3
Number of Volunteers: 6-20
Current Board Size: 3 or fewer
Board Meetings (frequency): quarterly
Board Meetings Held: On Weekends
Area of Expertise being Sought:
Advocacy / Government Relations, Fundraising, Marketing / Branding, Media / Communications / Public Relations, Program & Project Management, Research & Development / Innovation. 
Targeting: Females, Porn Addicts, Consumers
Payment: nil – honorary role
Pink Cross is a survivor-led, volunteer-run organisation that helps those most vulnerable in the ‘sex work’ industry with a vision “To see a world free of commercial sexual exploitation.” 
Pink Cross offers compassionate support to people experiencing commercial sexual exploitation through:
  • fostering social connections
  • promoting healing and restoration
  • empowering people to achieve their goals
We have one entry-level, 8 week SMART program which is volunteer-led. This pilot program is ending in November 2020.  Beyond this, we count on your astute business sense to find the funds to help us appoint an Award-wage Support Worker to work with the desperate women who are referred to us. 
Established in 2013, we cannot continue to operate on a 10-20K per year income and – being so overworked and stressed – believe that we are truly making a difference. 
To make a tangible impact, we need YOU to join our management team to create an environment to foster network connections to establish a sustainable donor base.  Your background in business or your thorough network of concerned contacts will change the charitable landscape of this country, and the world. 
This is a very sensitive industry where knowledge of what is truly hiding behind the behaviour of a street-based prostituted person, or the intrinsic urges of the porn addict/consumer is dissected. 
You would also have an understanding of how the Strip Club, Escorting, Brothel or Sugar Daddy scenes operate, in order to help us develop our support programs for this population.  With you, we want to explore the better pathways out, of of healing from, this scourge. 
Male demand is at the core of this industry, and we believe that buyers suffer in this, too. We need your help to grow our recovery programs for both parties. Every life counts! 
Purchasing ‘sexual services’ between two consenting adults may be ‘legal’, but it has mental health consequences for both parties involved. You must understand the desperation behind the glamour. Know the pain, grow the gain. 
To lessen the Pink Cross CEO’s ever-expanding, time-sensitive duties and role, you are a person who can help lead the organisation to become the place for best-practice prevention, outreach and treatment for all forms of harm from commercial sexual exploitation, including human sexual trafficking – what is known today as Modern Day Slavery (but you already know that, and have read the Bill). 
You have compassion for those who have experienced childhood trauma and hardship, and believe that redemption is possible for all. You are able to help us design healthcare programs adapted to those with trauma and addiction, and you excel in your field of counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, and therapeutic interventions, or business, communications and marketing. 
You are fascinated by the new developments in the study of the brain in neuroscience and psychology and can help us become the research centre we ought to be.
You understand that funding is necessary to grow every program, therefore you are willing to make sacrifices to make this happen by taking some of your time to write for us, be it Grants, or towards meetings with prospective, substantial donors, helping us write a business plan and strategy. 
We are not bound by textbook operative duties for our Pink Cross CEO, which are strictly limited to healthcare. At Pink Cross, we educate MP’s, Government, and the public, and are strong advocates for change in this sector.  ‘Sex work’ is normalised in most of Australia and we want you to be on par with our vision that mental health care is crucial in the adult entertainment industry, even for those exited.  You will jump in helping create our data collection from previous years, set up plans and get them happening – with our current limited resources – and take on tasks as needed from this very active Board Committee role. 
You are ready to commit for two years to the Pink Cross Board, and can send your letter of intention and resumé NOW to info[@] addressed to Geneviève Gilbert, Founder, CEO and Chair, so we can set up a video call. 
I, on behalf of the Team at Pink Cross, am eagerly awaiting to read your application.  Regards, Geneviève Gilbert