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Meet the Team

Become part of our Team by volunteering! Check current Volunteer Opportunities here.

We are also seeking to build on the specialist skills on our Committee of Management (Board). Do you have the skills and knowledge, or do you want to learn? You could become the shadow of the CEO, secretary or Treasurer! Email us to apply or for more information: info[@[

Geneviève Gilbert

Executive Director

Geneviève Gilbert is an artist, activist and founder of Pink Cross Australia. Born in Québec, Canada, she has a Bachelor of Visual Arts, a Masters of Communication (Interactive Media) and a Graduate Diploma in Multimedia. While undertaking her Masters, Geneviève entered prostitution to pay off her student debts. It was this experience – and the violence and trauma she suffered throughout it – that led her to create Pink Cross Foundation Australia. Read her story here.

Guided by Christian egalitarian principles and feminist theory framework, Pink Cross connects with, supports and informs people affected by commercial sexual exploitation, providing service referrals and non-judgmental, compassionate care. Geneviève believes that both parties in the prostitution cycle must be educated on its harm, in order to abolish the system. Thus, the organisation also supports and informs people who view pornography or purchase sexual access to a person’s body on the disadvantage, violence and exploitation behind the glamour.

Georgina Anderson


Trained in psychotherapy and in a number of therapeutic approaches, Georgie has 25 years experience in counselling practice. Georgie is the founder and Director of Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy. She is a registered Christian and Family therapist, a Certified Adult attachment Analyst, and an Accredited practitionner in the Richards Process treatment for trauma and loss. To add to her credentials, she also is a certified Coach, trainer and Master practitionner of Modern Hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with  her  four adult children, their active grand-children and her own beloved dogs.

Mellissa Lim

General Member

Mellissa Lim is a full-time Senior Risk Analyst with KPMG Australia where she deals with conflicts of interest on a daily basis. She graduated with a degree in Information Systems from Curtin University of Technology in Perth.
Outside of work, you might find her at a beach, volunteering with the infants and toddlers in Sunday School, mentoring women of migrant, asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds or just meditating and catching up with loved ones these days.

She loves vibrant colours and also colours to destress. She adores the smell of fresh coffee and bread in the mornings.
Her faith plays a pivotal role in her life. She used to volunteer overseas at least once a year to serve the under-represented prior to COVID. She also raises awareness for human trafficking both within Melbourne and in Singapore. She is also a proud sponsor of 4 young boys in Thailand and in the Philippines. She has run a shop at Markets for years selling her handmade items, which profits are sent to the children she sponsors.

Her favorite saying is: ”Behind the statistics is a face, a name, a dream, a soul. They matter. They count.”

Committee of Management

We meet five times a year on Saturdays. Help us steer the organisation onto the best direction! Get involved today.

Position Vacant


Position Vacant

General member

Position Vacant


Position Vacant

General Member

Staff and Management

  • Executive Director – Part-time position. We need YOU to fund this role!
  • Social Worker/Case Manager – Part-time position. Why don’t YOU fund this role?
  • Women’s Outreach Coordinator – Part-time position. We want YOUR group to fund this crucial role!
  • Men’s Education Program – Part-time position. Does YOUR community care about this role?


Do you feel passionate about and committed to supporting men and women transition out of the sex industry? Do you have time to volunteer or funds to donate?

We have some key volunteer opportunities that are crucial to the work of Pink Cross Australia. We welcome you to be part of a dedicated team and would greatly appreciate your skills, talents and support.

Volunteer Research Officer

Linda Warwick (2016) Felicity Bartho (2021)

Volunteer Outreach Team

Kerry Jensen (2017)
Venessa Bestel (2019)

Volunteer Media Support

Becca Stevens (2020-2021)

Volunteer Mobile Food Team

Sarah Raiter, Sarah Muhar (2016-2017)

Volunteer Prayer Team

Rebecca Kaiser

Volunteer Media Sup
Volunteer Web Designer


Hagani Hakimi (2021

Volunteer Queensland Coordinator

Applications are now open

Volunteer NSW Coordinator

Applications are now open

Volunteer Intake and Assessement Worker

Applications are now open

Don’t have the time to volunteer right now? You can also support our work by making a donation. See our donation page for more on how to contribute.