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Meet the Team

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We are also seeking to build on the specialist skills on our Committee of Management (Board). Do you have the skills and knowledge, or do you want to learn? You could become the shadow of the CEO, secretary or Treasurer! Email us to apply or for more information: info[@]

Geneviève Gilbert

Executive Director

Geneviève Gilbert is an artist, activist and founder of Pink Cross Australia. Born in Québec, Canada, she has a Bachelor of Visual Arts, a Masters of Communication (Interactive Media) and a Graduate Diploma in Multimedia. While undertaking her Masters, Geneviève entered prostitution to pay off her student debts. It was this experience – and the violence and trauma she suffered throughout it – that led her to create Pink Cross Foundation Australia.

Guided by principles of Christianity and radical feminism, Pink Cross informs people affected by commercial sexual exploitation, providing service referrals and non-judgmental, compassionate care. Geneviève believes that both parties in the prostitution cycle must be educated on its harm, in order to abolish the system. Thus, the organisation also supports and informs people who view pornography or purchase sexual access to a person’s body on the disadvantage, violence and exploitation behind the glamour.

Committee of Management

We meet five times a year on Saturday mornings. Help us steer the organisation onto the best direction! Get involved today.

Paul Gould


Paul has had many careers in the corporate world ranging from credit manager, accountant, national product manager, national marketing manager and general manager. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge in accounting, design, management, marketing, policy development, regulatory compliance and strategic planning etc.

Paul had experienced significant hardship and trauma throughout his childhood and early adult life, including time in an orphanage, a dysfunctional home and abuse. A culmination of this trauma led to Paul deciding to take his own life after getting into difficulty in the Murray River, but in that moment an apparition of Jesus appeared and in absolute shame he swam to shore. He commenced attending church to repent for an act he was ashamed of and over time became a dedicated Christian resulting in his baptism.

He grew up with a younger sister who experienced all he had as a young child, if somewhat worse, and over the years and even as late as two years ago, he discovered he had different siblings from both sides of his parents. He can attest that working through trauma is a life-long journey and it is his faith in Christ that he preserves through life.

He currently works as the general manager for CCCVAT and is married with four children. He works tirelessly to share his life experience and skills to improve the lives of those less fortunate and to share the messages of compassion and hope. In his spare time, Paul likes to design, sing, hike and spend time with his family.

Jacqueline Gwynne

General Member

Jacqueline has studied visual arts, graphic design and illustration and worked in visual arts education for 17 years. She saw the inside of the sex industry working as a receptionist in a legal brothel in Carlton, Victoria, Australia for two years. Jackie was subjected to porn exposure and witnessed women’s decline from healthy lives to drug and alcohol addiction. This experience made her realise prostitution could never be a ‘job’.  
 In 2014 she met CEO Geneviève online as they shared a common interest in visual arts. Jacqueline has been secretary of the Pink Cross Foundation since 2015. Since then Jacqueline has embraced Pink Cross and worked together with Geneviève to overcome difficulties and assist the organisation to prosper. She is active in the street art scene and a passionate advocate for women’s rights.
Jackie works full time in sales, marketing and admin for a paint manufacturer. She brings these skills in education, networking, design and communication to our Pink Cross board. Jackie’s story, ‘I Was A Pimp’ was published in ‘Prostitution Narratives – Stories of Survival in the Sex Trade’ by Spinifex Press edited by Caroline Norma and Melinda Tankard Reist.  Since then she has published articles across several platforms including Nordic Model Now and News Weekly. She is now standing as a candidate for the Democratic Liberal Party in the Northern suburbs of Victoria. In her spare time, Jackie likes gardening, going to art exhibitions and travelling to exotic locations.

Rachel Curkpatrick

General Member

Born in New Zealand, Rachel is a musician and has been involved in the community of St Luke’s Anglican Church in South Melbourne, for nine years now. A freelance oboist who performs in orchestras across Australia and New Zealand, she joins our board after years of committee experience, the most recent being elected to the South Melbourne St Luke’s Anglican Church Incumbency Committee. 

She is dedicated to bringing messages of hope, grace and joy to communities and is passionate about assisting Pink Cross to transform the lives of those in exploitative situations.  Rachel brings to the board strong communication skills, a heart for social justice and respect for human dignity. With a willingness to listen and learn she is sure to be a valued and compassionate board member.

Ella Hamilton

General Member

Ella has worked in banking and financial markets for over 20 years, in Australia and the UK.  Most recently, Ella has worked as a freelance consultant to companies including Australia Post and Bank of Queensland. 

She serves on the Parish Council of St Luke’s Anglican Church in Victoria and has been the Treasurer for the past 2 years.  She is an active member of Women in Treasury and has organised member events.  She was a founding member of a Friends of the Homeless group in Sydney.  

Ella has travelled widely, and is acutely aware of the disparities in opportunities for women in different circumstances, and wants to create opportunities for women to live a life that is independent, dignified and free of exploitation. 

Staff and Management

  • Executive Director – Part-time position. We need YOU to fund this role!
  • Social Worker/Case Manager – Part-time position. Why don’t YOU fund this role?
  • Women’s Outreach Coordinator – Part-time position. We want YOUR group to fund this crucial role!
  • Men’s Education Program – Part-time position. Does YOUR community care about this role?


Do you feel passionate about and committed to supporting men and women transition out of the sex industry? Do you have time to volunteer or funds to donate?

We have some key volunteer opportunities that are crucial to the work of Pink Cross Australia. We welcome you to be part of a dedicated team and would greatly appreciate your skills, talents and support.

Volunteer Research Officer

Linda Warwick (2016)

Volunteer Outreach Team

Kerry Jensen (2017)

Volunteer Media Support

Linda Warwick, Jackie Gwynne, Lilya Rose (2017)

Volunteer Mobile Food Team

Sarah Raiter, Sarah Muhar (2016-2017)

Volunteer Prayer Team

Rebecca Kaiser

Volunteer Social Enterprise Developer


Volunteer Queensland Coordinator

Applications are now open

Volunteer NSW Coordinator

Applications are now open

Volunteer Intake and Assessement Worker

Applications are now open

Don’t have the time to volunteer right now? You can also support our work by making a donation. See our donation page for more on how to contribute.