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Hope and healing in the sex industry

We support and empower women trafficked and in the sex industry

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Where adult industry workers find healing and porn addicts find hope. We care for people affected by all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

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2 weeks ago

Fashion coupled with porn is an oxymoron: What is an oxymoron? It is a Greek word whose literal translation is 'pointedly foolish'.

Another example of the embedding and enmeshing of the global porn industry in mainstream culture. #NYFashionWeek #pornharms #sexualexploitation

3 weeks ago
Join the fight. Become an Abolitionist

Watch our new video on how you can become an abolitionist following William Wilberforce's blueprint and sign the abolitionist pledge!

3 weeks ago
Victorian Sex Work Law Reform Inquiry 2020

RISE UP! Please get in touch if you have political affiliations and experience with the system. We want to record video media releases! We need backing for the destructive 'Sex Work Enquiry' coming ... See more

Politician Fiona Patten will lead a Sex Work Law Reform Inquiry in 2020. Dean Lim chats with Fiona Patten to find out more about the Inquiry with special guest Lisa Dallimore from Victorian sex ... See more

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Today, countless women and men are victims of trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery or are exploited by the sex industry. With your support, we can work together to educate and inform those traumatised by these experiences, and offer alternatives to the adult entertainment industry.

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Disclaimer: Pink Cross Foundation Australia responds to the most severe injustice and alienation against individual women, children and men. We provide services without discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs, race, gender, culture, social position, or nationality.

Pink Cross Foundation Australia aims to support people involved in the adult industries by promoting respectful relationships and preventing the disintegration of families. As part of our work to lead debate and promote social change, we often include links to other websites or publications. Including links to other websites does not represent endorsement or approval of any content.

Pink Cross Foundation Australia is a charity registered in the state of Victoria. ABN (Australian Business Number): 13357401729. All donations soon to be Tax Deductible.