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Hope and healing in the sex industry

We support and empower women trafficked and in the sex industry

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Where adult industry workers find healing and porn addicts find hope. We care for people affected by all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

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1 day ago
Prostitution Unit of the Stockholm Police arrests a man buying sex

How women in the sex industry are protected under the Nordic Model legislation. Watch a buyer's arrest in Sweden!

The Prostitution Unit of the Stockholm Police in Sweden arrests a man for the buying of sex according to the so-called sex purchase law in Sweden which crimi...

1 week ago
Opinion: 'Sex work' isn't work, it's sexual exploitation

'I want people to understand that to be able to shut down and switch off our sensations of pain, fear and disgust — to enter a state of dissociation — and to do it all while smiling and faking ... See more

As a survivor of prostitution, I commend MP Arnold Viersen’s effort to make a point, Valérie Pelletier says.

1 week ago
What makes exiting prostitution so hard?

Huschke Mau, survivor: 'It took me several years to learn that what I sometimes feel is hunger. And that this means I should eat something. Or that what I’m experiencing means that I’m cold. And ... See more

Huschke Mau, who was herself in prostitution for around 10 years, writes about the psychological and structural barriers that make it difficult, or even impossible, for women to exit prostitution a…

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Join us to fight commercial sexual exploitation

Today, countless women and men are victims of trafficking for the purposes of sexual slavery or are exploited by the sex industry. With your support, we can work together to educate and inform those traumatised by these experiences, and offer alternatives to the adult entertainment industry.

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We work with partners all over the world who share our passion for stopping commercial sexual exploitation and supporting survivors of the sex industry.

Disclaimer: Pink Cross Foundation Australia responds to the most severe injustice and alienation against individual women, children and men. We provide services without discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs, race, gender, culture, social position, or nationality.

Pink Cross Foundation Australia aims to support people involved in the adult industries by promoting respectful relationships and preventing the disintegration of families. As part of our work to lead debate and promote social change, we often include links to other websites or publications. Including links to other websites does not represent endorsement or approval of any content.

Pink Cross Foundation Australia is a charity registered in the state of Victoria. ABN (Australian Business Number): 13357401729. All donations soon to be Tax Deductible.